There have been plenty of highs and few lows—from open mic nights in college to forming and writing for bands that regularly played high profile alt-music clubs in Uptown, Downtown and West Bank Minneapolis, to returning to solo gigs in the north woods of Minnesota.

I’ve enjoyed playing with some topnotch musicians and, occasionally, have moved on through relationships that just didn’t work. I’ve opened for legendary bass guitarist Ronnie Lane (Small Faces), the Uppity Blues Women, the Jayhawks, the Gear Daddies’ frontman Martin Zellar, the Phones, and Run Westy Run—to name a few.

Yet through it all, I’ve relied on my Iowa roots and sense of who I am. I like to think this comes through in my music. From new twists on standards to original work, I bring a raw authenticity to my gigs, which are best suited to listening environments—tap rooms, coffee houses, festivals, or your living room or deck.

I recently had the pleasure of recording a few demo videos at Hollywood To Go, with Sean Costas. Sean is a pro and made me feel at ease in his studio – hopefully that comes out in the vidoes:

Me and My Buddy Abes
This highly autobiographical blues-bluegrass breakdown captures the kinetic restlessness of youth, but it’s no melancholy look back. “Time stands still in Nowheresville, and then it flies.”
Music and lyrics (c) 2017 Bruce Archer | Video production by Sean Costas, Hollywood to Go


Rosie the Nights
Rosie the Nights explores the idyllic dreams shared among friends on the brink of adulthood and wondering if those friends would still recognize each other after time and experience had changed them. Music and lyrics (c) 1991 Bruce Archer | Video production by Sean Costas, Hollywood to Go


Little Red Rooster
An original take on the blues classic. I first heard this at a young age on The London Howlin’ Wolf Sessions album, and it made a strong impression. I was drawn back to it as I developed my finger picking and bottle neck slide techniques and love for the blues masters.
Arrangement by Bruce Archer | Video production by Sean Costas, Hollywood to Go


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