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Latest Release

The Hallowed Land

Bruce Archer

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Masterful finger-picking and slide guitar punctuate the highly autobiographic lyrics of this eclectic, sometimes rollicking, sometimes reflective, genre-bending paean to traditional story-telling.

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This project was made possible by a grant provided by the Five Wings Arts Council with funds from the McKnight Foundation.

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Bruce Archer plays a rollicking combination of blues, bluegrass, country, and folk that doesn’t fit tidily into a single genre. His finger-picking and slide guitar display a level of talent and mastery that can only come from 40-plus years of sifting through musical styles and keeping the bits that resonate with him. He coaxes from his guitar an instrumental voice that is authentically his own.


Catch Bruce at one of the following events. And reach out if you have a venue, festival, event, or porch where you think his unique spin on deep covers and original music would be a good fit. Stay tuned!